About Us

This is not merely about making good music
This is finding a way for the product to emerge
from unaware to repeat purchase.

Choosing the right music for the brand identity
This is an art, and this is our life

We make sketches, collages and use whatever tools
to make the product audible

Share your ideas with us,
we're all ears and ready to team up

Dameria Hutabarat - Executive Producer
(021) 560-1771
(021) 566-0460






7th Wave - RCTI , Candi Prambanan

2 Warna - RCTI (ep. 2 to 5)co arranger, TV Programme

Andaikan Aku Datang - TV Drama , Music Scoring

Millennium World's Earth Day 2000 - RCTI
Candi Borobudur

Tembang Mocopat Documentations

Yayasan Sejati - Prof. Dr. Emil Salim, Irian Jaya

Music for Company Profiles

PSA music for Government's Campaign

Campaign music for Political Parties


"Archipelagongs" -Nyak Ina Raseuki (Ubiet)
Warner Music Indonesia


"Out Of Shell" - Dewi Lestari

"Januari di Kota Dili "- Rita Effendi
Composer, Arranger

"Perempuan" - Rita Effendy
Composer, Arranger


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